Rawlakot has dispatched Kashmir’s first historically speaking Zipline in Rawlakot. The recently introduced zip line is around 500 feet Tall and around 900 feet Long.

Important Note

Look before you zip! Only go when the zipline is clear. Keep your hands on top of the trolley at all times. Lift your legs high before touching down on a platform.

Grab the white rope and use it to pull yourself in. If you don’t quite make it to the platform, don’t panic. Just turn around and pull yourself in.

Safety is our first priority

Precaution before visiting Neelum Valley

Precaution before visiting Neelum Valley

You must have your CNIC or NICOP before travelling to Neelum Valley. Foreigners are strictly not allowed in the valley, due to it’s vicinity from LOC. Army check posts are every where in the valley.