The AJK Tourism & Archaeology Department serves as the Premier department overseeing all aspects of tourism development and promotion in Azad Jammu and Kashmir. Its mission is to harness the region’s diverse natural landscapes, cultural richness, and historical significance to position AJK as a premier tourist destination.

The department works diligently to formulate and implement policies, plans, and projects aimed at fostering sustainable tourism growth. This includes initiatives to improve infrastructure such as accommodations, and recreational facilities to enhance visitor experiences.

Moreover, the AJK Tourism Department actively collaborates with local communities, private sector stakeholders, and international partners to expand tourism offerings and create economic opportunities for residents. By supporting initiatives such as eco-tourism, adventure sports, cultural festivals, and heritage preservation, the department seeks to diversify the tourism product range and attract a broader spectrum of travelers.

Through effective marketing and promotional campaigns, both domestically and internationally, the AJK Tourism Department endeavors to raise awareness about the region’s unique attractions and encourage visitation. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in providing information and assistance to tourists, ensuring their safety, comfort, and satisfaction during their stay in AJK.

Overall, the AJK Tourism Department plays a pivotal role in driving the sustainable development of tourism in the region, fostering socio-economic growth, preserving cultural heritage, and showcasing the natural beauty of Azad Jammu and Kashmir to the world..