Rafting tours are safe, fun and a breathtaking experience to be enjoyed. Our guides involved in various training programmed of rafting every year before they ever take a paying client down any river. During the trip every raft has to be controlled by two training guides. Passengers’ safety is our first propriety and enjoyment are 100% grantee.

Important Note:

Wear a Life Jacket Make sure your life jacket is snug and buckled at all times Listen to your river guides – they are there to keep you safe!

Notify your river guides of any medical conditions you may have Wear proper shoes – no flip flops, slippers, or bare feet. Old Sneakers, water shoes, or sandals with an ankle strap work best Help your fellow rafters back into your raft if they unintentionally fall into the water, even if you do not know them

Safety is our first priority

Precaution before visiting Neelum Valley

Precaution before visiting Neelum Valley

You must have your CNIC or NICOP before travelling to Neelum Valley. Foreigners are strictly not allowed in the valley, due to it’s vicinity from LOC. Army check posts are every where in the valley.