Exploring the beautiful and eye-catching countryside on a horseback is a popular activity in Azad Kashmir. Horse riding is an ancient way of travelling around the gorgeous valleys and hilly places of Azad Kashmir. In Azad Kashmir region, tourists who are visiting Kel , Arrang kel and Taobat are the best tourist places for horse riding.

Important Note

Tourists can either ask their respective hotels and resorts or can hire horses and ponies personally.

It is better to hire horses through a tourist office as sometimes the local horse-owners may charge a hefty amount for the rides. Besides being used by the locals for working purposes and transportation, horses are also used by trekkers for carrying trekking equipment.

Safety is our first priority

Precaution before visiting Neelum Valley

Precaution before visiting Neelum Valley

You must have your CNIC or NICOP before travelling to Neelum Valley. Foreigners are strictly not allowed in the valley, due to it’s vicinity from LOC. Army check posts are every where in the valley.