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Azad Kashmir is bestowed by nature with exquisite natural beauty and has great potential for development of tourism. The picturesque beauty of its valleys, dense forests, winding rivers, turbulent foaming streams , majestic towering mountains, bracing Climate, historical & cultural heritage, holistic shrines & festivals and diversity of flora and fauna all go together to make it an excellent tourist resort.

The area is full with variety of landscapes. Hiking and tracking sites, trout fishing in the frozen waters of the Neelum River and the remains of the Buddhist civilization in the Sharda Valley are other areas of tourist attraction. The beautiful wood work, the famous Kashmiri handicrafts, traditional Kashmiri foods and above all a clean and pristine environment presents other areas of delight for the tourists on this ‘heaven on earth’. The custom rich and traditional Society of AJK is also a subject of anthropological value.


The State of Azad Jammu & Kashmir contributes a distinctive cultural entity developed by its people, which is profoundly different from the rest of the Sub-Continent. Its mountain terrain and wide valleys decanted harsh terms on the development of its culture. This is why the people of Azad Jammu & Kashmir have developed into a persistent hard-working, non aggressive race which leads a simple & frugal life. Their dances, music, dress, traditions, jewelry, handicrafts and performing arts all are windows to their character.

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