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Tour to Samahni Valley

Samahni:  Breath taking and Mesmerizing Natural Scenes

It is located 17 kms in the North of Bhimber City and 30km in the North-East of Mirpur. The valley is guarded by high mountains on all sides, offers breathtaking and mesmerizing natural scenes to its visitors, waterfalls come down mountain slopes as well as streams and nalas of crystal clear waters. The mountains across the whole valley dressed in jungles of pine trees add an extra touch to the stunning view. The valley holds a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere with pollution free environment from one end to the other.

The entire valley of Samahni, is approximately 35 km long and 8 km wide, stretching from Chawlian to Behmla in the West.
The valley’s inhabitants are simple, peace-loving and law abiding. The ideal time to visit the valley is in March & April and then in July, August and September. Since the vegetation and the scenery during these months are at its best


Day 1

Islamabad to Kotla Gujrat & Bhimber

Travel time: 6.00 Hrs Night Stay: Jhani Chontra

Sight Seeing: Sightseeing, Baaba Shadi Shaheed Shrine, Samahni Valley, Baghsar Lake,   Baghsar Fort


Day 2

Bhimber to Mirpur

Travel time: 2.00 Hrs Night Stay: Mirpur City

Sight Seeing: Sightseeing, Bhuto Park, Mangla Lake, Gurdawara Ali Baig, Khari Sharif Shrine, Boating


Day 3

Mirpur to Islamabad

Travel time: 4.00 Hrs

Sight Seeing: Drop back at Islamabad.

End of Tour