All Tourism Sites, Destinations are accessible for Tourist except Rati Gali, Patlian Lake All Tourist destinations of AJK has pleasant weather however tourists are suggested to follow the heat stroke advisory during the travelling

Islamabad to lasdana

From Bagh, a 15 kilometers metal road leads to Lasdanna which is a place of captivating scenes and beauty with an elevation of 2650 meters. From Lasdanna, three roads branch off the main road i.e; Mahmood Gali-Palangi, Haji pir-Aliabad and Abbaspur-Hajira respectively. A tourist rest house is available here for accommodation.


Day 1

Islamabad  to Dheerkot

Travel time: 3.30 Hrs   Night Stay: Dheerkot

Sight Seeing: Murree Sightseeing, Dolai Waterfall, Muzaffarabad Local sightseeing, Chikar via Muzaffarabad Srinagar Road, Dhani Baqalan, Chikar


Day 2

Dheerkot to Lasdana

Travel time: 3.0 Hrs   Night Stay: Lasdana

Sight Seeing: Bagh City to Lasdana, Doomgala, Shero Dahra, Haji Peer Pass, Manji Shaheed.


Day 3

Back to Islamabad

Travel time: 5.0 Hrs   

Sight Seeing: Drop back at Islamabad via Bagh City- Dheerkot Kohala -Murree Express
Way. End of Tour


Day 4