In addition to the natural scenic beauty of the region, Kashmir is also known as “the land of saints” these noteable figures had devoted their whole lives to the propagation of the teaching of Islam. Hazrat Sharf Udding Abdul Rehman known as Bulbul Shaha (R.A) had come to Kashmir along with other religious scholars who started preaching Islam in the surrounding areas. Hazrat Ameer Kabir Syed Ali Hamdani played pivotal role in spreading and illuminating teelings of the Islam. Thus the essence Islam reached the far flung regions of Kashmir also and gave revolutionary ideological changes among the common people.

Keeping in view of the above stated historical significance of these spiritual figures/bumps of the regions this brochure an effort to cater to the needs of tourist/zaieereen followers to the region.


Hazrat Sain Sakhi Saheli Sarkar (R.A)

The shrine of Hazrat Sain Sakhi Saheli Sarkar is located at the District headquarter Office Complex ( the Old Civil Secretariat ) in the capital city of Muzaffarabad. The shrine has been a centre of religious activities and spiritual inspiration for a long time. It is the prime attraction of the capital city. Hazrat belonged to the syed family of Multan. His forefathers shifted to Gujrat afterwards. He used to get deeply immersed in meditation and prayers. Hazrat used to call his male devotees “Aria” and termed the female followers as “Saheli”. Therefore, he was also known as Sain Saheli and Sain Aria. However, according to the some authentic sources of information, his real name was Syed Zulfiqar Shah. He was more inclined towards mysticism and had been observing meditation in the regions of large number of his devotees also belong to these regions of the NWFP Province and Azad Kashmir. The miracles attributed to the saint reflect the spiritual strength of his character. There are many legends spun around the personality of saint.

The annual URS (Gathering/Congregation) of the saint is observed every year from January 13 to 21 with great solemnity. The URS is attended by many followers particularly from the region of Hazara (NWFP), Punjab and Muzaffarabad. The Saint is said to have passed away in the year 1900.

Hazrat Shah Inayat Wali. (R.A)

The shrine of the Saint is situated at Upper Adda near AJK University in the main Muzaffarabad city and is surrounded by the largest graveyard of the city.

The Shrine of the Saint has been a center of interest among the followers for over five centuries. It is believed that Hazrat had come to the region (the present Muzaffarabad) during the times when it was totally a desolate. Shah Inayat was a native of Kasri, a village near Gujar Khan. (In district Rawalpindi). After obtaining his initial religious education from this father, he embarked on a journey to various regions of the subcontinent along with some other religious scholars of his times with a view to derive mental and spiritual strength. The saint started preaching proper observance of Shariah and discouraged acts contrary to the teachings of Islam. He was the maternal uncle of Shah Chan Charagh. He was devoted refinement took place in the beliefs of the people of Muzaffarabad. The services offered by the saint deserve to be recorded in the annuls of history in golden words.

Hazrat Syed Shah Hussain Bukhari. (R.A)

The shrine of Hazrat Syed Shah Hussain Bukhari is situated at a distance of 32 Kilometers outside Muzaffarabad city at a height of 9000 feet above sea level. The site is known as “Pir Chanassi” and is famous among tourists for its scenic beauty. It is believed that said place got its name Pir Chanassi because of Saint’s habitat over there. The shrine of the saint adds remarkable significance to the region and is visited by hundreds of visitors and followers frequently. The saint had selected the point for its tranquil surroundings in order to establish uninterrupted contact with the creator.

Hazrat Pir Hasi Mar. (R.A)

The shrine of Hazrat Pir Hasi Mar is situated opposite to the shrine of Hazrat Shah Hussain at a distance of 5 Km on a hill top. A pavement from the shrine of Hazrat Shah Hussain leads to Pir Hasi Mar.

It is believed that the saint belonged to the Syed Family of Multan and had come to Kashmir during an excursion but could not return as a dispute arouse with the native non-Muslim which resulted in a bloody conflict killing 80 non-believers at the hands of the saint who also embraced martyrdom (Shahadat). Thus, he was named as Pir Asi Mar after this tragic incident.

Hazrat Syed Muhammad Ali Shah. (R.A)

The shrine of Pir Syed Muhammad Ali Shah is situated at Kahori, a town outside Muzaffarabad city at a distance of 10 kms (on the Neelum road). The place has an attractive and fascinating senic beauty.

The Saint belonged to the Syed family of Multan and was explored the captivating beauty of the region, he started preaching Islam by delivering sermons to the local people who used to gather around him after observing his miracles. The endearing personality of the saint attracted a large number of Muslim and Non-Muslim devotees alike towards his spiritual teachings.


Hazrat Pir Syed Jumma Shah Baji. (R.A)

The shrine of the saint is located at Ambore near Abbas Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS) 4kms ahead Muzaffarabad city on the main Kohala road.

Hazrat belonged to the Bukhari clan of Syed Family. His family contributed a lot in religious and spiritual development of region by inculating/ instilling a spirit of religious fervor among the people. As a result of his teaching a keen interest in Islamic teaching was developed in the people of this region. The inspiring nature of the saint attracted a large number of Muslim, Hindu and Sikh devotees towards mysticism.

Hazrat Hafiz Muhammad Yunis (Banni Hafiz). (R.A)

The shrine of the saint is situated at Banni Hafiz, a village 9 km from Hattian. The place presents a lovely sight of natural beauty, along with its spiritual significance. The saint is well-known as “Banni Hafiz” among his followers.

The miracles of the saint won a large number of followers. He had devoted the whole of his life to the preaching of Islam. The shrine is visited by a large number of pilgrims regularly. His annual URS is held from 7th November to 14 November at Banni Hafiz.

Hazrat Haji Syed Sikander Shah (R.A)

The shrine of the saint is Hattian, a town 42 kms away from capital city at Jhelum valley road.

Hazrat hailed from Kohalan, a village near Uri in the Indian Occupied Kashmir and played a pivotal role in the propagation of Islamic teaching. Many people visit the shrine to pay homage to the saint. His annual URS is celebrated on 2nd , 3rd and 4th July.

Hazrat Mitha Baji. (R.A)

The shrine of the saint is situated on LOC at Tareda in the vicinity of Leepa valley which is well known for its scenic beauty among visitors. The stature of the saint can be judged by the fact that the annual URS/congregational function is attended by Hindu and Sikh followers also along with Muslim devotees. His miracles are often narrated by many people of the adjoining localities.

In addition to the before mentioned saints and shrines certain other prominent mystics of the region include:

Hazrat Mai Ami Sahiba, Hazrat mai Sahni Sahiba, Hazrat Pir Alao-ud-din, Pir Qazi Qutab-ud-din (larger Walley), Hazrat Shah Sultan, Shrine of Mir Waiz-e-Kashmir, maulana Muhammad Yousaf. (R.A)

Hazrat Shah Muhammad Ghazi (R.A)

The shrine of the saint is located at Mera Kalssi which is situated at the end of Muzaffarabad district and beginning of Neelum valley (about 4 km from Noseri). His miraculous tales are equally well known and common among the people of both the districts i.e. Muzaffarabad and Neelum. Many devotees visit the shrines to pay their homage to the Sufi saint.

  • DISTRICT Neelum

Neelum valley is mainly known for its rich potential in natural beauty and experiences heavy tourist flow. However, the valley is also known for certain saints and shrines such as:

Hazrat Al-Haj Mian Barkat Ullah (R.A)

The shrine of the saint is situated at Dowarian, (106 kms away from the capital city of Muzaffarabad) on Neelum valley road. The saint is said to be accomplished “Darves”. He used to observe long “Chillas” (meditational prayers) at Jhag Sharif which earned him the little of “Jhagvi”. His father, Mian Habib Ullah belonged to the Halo Hassan tribe and was a Sufi/Mystic of his times. The annual URS of the saint is observed on 20,21,22 October with great deal of religious fervor and solemnity.

Hazrat Mian Nizam-ud-Din (R.A)

The shrine of the saint is located at Koiyan Sharif, a village 6 kms from Kundal Shahi, Tehsil Headquarter of District Neelum.

The saint is well known as a pious and noble mystic among the people of the region. Many well known spiritual gigures of his time were his disciples and devotees. Many miraculous tales have been attributed to he said saint. The annual URS is observed on 20th 21st  and 22nd October.

  • DISTRICT bagh

Hazrat Pir Syed Bohala Shah. (R.A)

The shrine of the saint is situated in the village “Arnela” adjavent to Mang Bajri. Devotees have been, visiting the shrine for the last 150 years with religious enthusiasm. The forefathers of Hazrat Pir Gillani Bohala Shah had preached the teachings of Islam in different areas of Poonch and Muzaffarabad. His various legends are among the public which are presented by th3e people from generation to generation.

Hazrat Sain Syed Qamar Ali Shah Badshah. (R.A)

The shrine of Hazrat Qamar Ali Shah Badshah is situated at Chatra in the village Sopnag of Abbaspur. It is said that Pir Qamar Ali Shah Badshah migrated from Afghanistan almost two hundred years ago. As his prayers got acceptance therefore, the number of devotees also continued to increase with the passage of time

Hazrat Sain Syed Ali Bahadar Khan. (R.A)

Hazrat Sain Bahadar Khan was born in 1880. His ancestors village is Dheerkot, very amazing miracles have been attributed to him right from his childhood. Hazrat Sain, after withdrawing from the activities of the daily life, remained active in the forest and barren lands for a long period of time. He daily remained ignorant from the issues of the daily life and people have had to come to him for prayers. His shrine is situated at Dheerkot.

  • DISTRICT poonch


Hazrat Syed Junaid Shah. (R.A)

Although his date of birth is still to be investigated but it is said that he was born in 1858. His age is said to be more then ninety years. His religious education was held in the village “Bakhral” of Tehsil Kahota. He got the highest spiritual position through Chilla (meditation prayers) and worshiping the almighty Allah for very long period. There might not have passed even a single moment in his life which he had not devoted for worshiping the Almighty Allah. His shrine is situated at Paniola in District Poonch.


Hazrat Baji Alaf Din. (R.A)

The shrine of the saint is in Kotli, known as the city of mosques. He was born in the village katelia Sharif in the Kaghan valley. His life showed deep effects of the teaching of Hazrat Datta Ganj Bakhsh (R.A). Sayed Ali Hajveri. It is believed that the said had the honour of having a meeting with Hazrat Khizar. Moreover, his back is said to carry the prints of the hands of Hazrat Khizar (A.S). During the tyrannical rule of the dogras, people used to visit the saint to seek divine help in order to get rid of misery. Consequently, the Dogras  left the region. In this way, the saint attained enormous fame. The book entitled “Galva-e-Khizar”, written by master Muhammad Sharif Carries detailed/account of the life of the pious saint.

Hazrat Mai Toti Sahiba. (R.A)

The shrine of the saint is located at Pandli Sharif which is a place 4 km ahead of Khoe Ratta (District Kotli). Khoe Ratta is a town 38 km away from Kotli. The shrine is visited by a large number of pilgrims.

The actual date of birth of the saint cannot be ascertained. (There is great deal of speculation about the date of birth of the saint). However, date of death is said to be 15th of Ramzan 1931. Her father belonged the region of Dahvna. Tehsil and District Kotli. On the personal request of Hazrat Sain Kamla Badshah, the name of the saint was changed as Mai Toti Sahiba. She used to observe meditation for several hours in the nearby Nullah of Baur Shana. Thus she spent the major part of her life in prayers and meditation (Chilla). It is said that she spent sixty years alone in Jungles and desolate places to seek favor of Allah. She was the follower of Sain Kamla Badshah. She was a miraculous figure. Hundreds of miracles are attributed to her. The annual URS is observed in June of every year with great zeal and fervor.

Hazrat Shah Kalu Badshah. (R.A)

The shrine of the saint has been a place of interest among devotees for more than a century. His native town was bharen. The saint Possessed/ showed keen interest in visiting different places. He was a complete saint/Wali whose prayers resulted in cure of diseases among common people. Thus a large number of people belonging to far flung areas used to visit him during his life time. The shrine is located in the beautiful village of Sarsawa, 8/9 kms outside Kotli.


Hazrat Sain Godri Badshah. (R.A)

The shrine of the saint is situated at Sia Sharif. Thought the actual/ real name of the saint is unknown, however, he is commonly known as “Godri Badshah”. It is said that in order meet his devotees he used to travel by a Paalki(a wooden structure used to travel) which is believed to be carried by some invisible creatures (perhaps the invisible fairy creatures).

Hazrat Baba Sher Shah. (R.A)

The shrine of the saint is located near the Bus stand in Kotli City. The saint belonged to the Syed Family. The shrine is visited by a large number of pilgrims on every Thursday. (There are various accounts of his miracles). Various inspiring tales regarding his miracles are narrated by his devotees.

Hazrat Baba Jamal Shah. (R.A)

The shrine of Hazrat Baba Jamal Shah is located/ situated adjacent to the shrine of Hazrat Baba Sher Shah. He belonged to the Syed family which is settled in the areas of Chaoni and Gawan Syedan. Though he passed away ninety years ago yet is still spiritually alive among his followers with reference to his miracles.


Hazrat Pir Shah Ghazi. (R.A)

The mausoleum of Pir-e-Shah Ghazi is the glory of District Mirpur. The holy shrine of the saint is situated at Khari Sharif, a town 8 kms away from mirpur.

Hazrat Pir Shah Ghazi was amongst the famous saint of 12th century. He belonged to Qadri Mystical school of thought. His miracles of disappearing and re-emerging in a river earned him a great deal of recognition among his devotees and established his stature as a mystical figure. Due to his sanctity, piety and learning, the number of his followers swelled to thousands. His personality has been elaborated in great detail by his able Pupil. Sufi Scholar Mian Muhammad Baksh in his work “Tazkar-e-Muakeemi” the biography of Pir-e-Shah Ghazi.

His annual URS is celebrated on 13th and 14th Shaban every year. Hundreds and thousands people come from all over the country to have spiritual satisfaction.

Hazrat Mian Muhammad Baksh. (R.A) Khari Sharif

The shrine of the saint is situated at Khari Sharif near Mausoleum of Hazrat Pir-e-Shah Ghazi.

Hazrat was born in 1423(AH), the year 1826. He was instinctively interested in poetry and mysticism from his early age. On attaining youth, he set out/ embarked on an extensive tour of Kashmir during which he visited almost all the shrines of noteworthy saints and sufis.

His master piece poetic work, “Saif-ul-Malook” attained enormous popularity in religious circles, which resulted in the translation of the master piece/creative work into other languages also. His writing and lofty ideas carry great deal of serenity and soft tone which make them sole piece of admiration. The master piece enjoys significant stature in the Punjabi literature. Mian sahib had written seventeen books in total of which “Hidayat-al-Muslameen” endorses/validates his stature as religious scholar of Hadiths and shows his profound insight into history. Besides being a Sufi saint. Hazrat was also fiery poet and lover of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W). He left/departed for the heavenly abode in 1907. His annual URS is held on 6th and 7th of Zillhajj of Islamic Year.

Moreover, the Shrines of Pir Shahab Gonoi Bin Sain Dudyal, Bathak Manjwar, Hazrat Jula Bahi, Darbar Shari, are also present in District Mirpur.

7- district bhimber

Hazrat Baba Shaadi Shaheed (RA)

The shrine of baba shadi Shaheed is situated 20 km away outside Bhimber city in Samahni valley “Aadi Dhak”on Bhimber Samahni valley road.

The actual name of the saint was Raja Shadas Khan but is well known/famous as Baba Shaadi Shaheed.he is said to be born during the first half of the 15th century.

The saint enjoys/carries great deal of respect as a spiritual figure. His spiritual and religious strength brought thousands of non-Muslims into the fold of Islam. The saint preaches the ethical values of tolerance, brotherhood, and respect for humanity to his followers. The saint had never fallen victim to worldly pursuits and lust. His most memorable service was to bring the infidels in to the fold of Islam.

Hazrat Phar Bad shah (RA)

Hazrat Sain Badshah belonged to the region of Dab Sadoha, in Tehsil and District Bhimber. The shrine is situated outside Gandi Chontra at a distance of almost 3 kms toward south east. The shrine of Hazrat Baba Shaadi Shaheed is also situated nearby.

His miracles are well known among his followers. The shrine is visited by pilgrims every now around them. His soul came to rest on April 11th 1975 and his annual URS (gathering/congregation) is celebrated in June with great solemnity. His devotes and family members also founded a university which provides the religious and general basic education according to the modern trends.


Hazrat Khawaja Ghulam Mohi-u-din (RA)

Hazrat Khawaja Ghulam Mohi-u-din Ghaznavi was born in 1902 at Bamlin, in the outskirts of the Ghazni area of Afghanistan. He performed very valuable and superior role for preaching and promoting the teaching of Islam. His family is regarded very great respect for its nobility, wisdom, educational and spiritual aspect. He was inclined toward mysticism right from his childhood. He spent almost 12 years in mysticism and meditation that introduced him from all the stages of marfat.he started the religious preaching of the teaching of Almighty Allah and the Prophet (peace is upon him) from Nairan Sharif and adopted it as a mission for a number of months.

Hazrat Pir Syed Naz Ali Shah(RA)

The shrine of the saint is in Batrain Syedain, a, a village in Tehsil Plandari, Hazrat was native of the region.

He was great religious scholar of his times and had obtained knowledge from his father. The saint had attained spiritual significant after praising the ethical values of piety and devotion toward the Allah Almighty. He had pledged allegiance to the saint of Dera Ghazi Khan,Hazrat Shah Muhammad Sultan Tunsvi.the saint had left for the heavenly abode in the year 1833(1552AH).

Hazrat Sain Mast Badshah (RA)

The shrine of the saint is situated at Minjari, in Tehsil Palandari.the saint belonged to the sudhan tribe. He had arranged drinking water for the people of the locality. The said water to some extend is still being used by the people. He had conducted various acts of social welfare during his life time.

Hazrat Sain Darop Shah (RA)

The shrine/mausoleum of the saint is present at Pakho near is said that his sword and shield had also been buried with is believed that whenever a murder or killing took place in the region a mystical voice came out of his is also said that there is a tree in the area of his shrine. If the patient of goiter touches it with his throat, he gets rid of the said disease.

Hazrat Pir Syed Malik Shah (RA) Deewan Sharif

The shrine of the said saint is located at Batran Syedaan in Tehsil Palandari.the saint had offered various services regarding preaching and spiritualism. He used to conduct conciliatory courts/sessions/meetings in order to resolve the local disputes which were called “Diwan” during those times. His other brother was Syed Bohla Shah Gardezia whose shrine is situated at Kilan, Tehsil Palandri.

Hazrat Pir Malik Sahib Din (RA) Gorah

He is said to be one of the two saints of District Poonch who had disappeared alive. The shrine/zayarat of the saint is present at Bathak Gorah (Tehsil Palandri).the saint used to resolve the disputes at Bathak. His miracles and life events have not been recorded in written form. The saint is believed to have been killed the murderers of his order to obtain religious education; the saint had gone to Delhi. He had pledge allegiance to Hazrat Shah Bari Latif.  His birth place is said to be the village Tarala. The saint is said to be a complete scholar also. Thought no actual shrine is present at the site, however, a sitting place is there which acts as a mark of remembrance about the saint.